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Case Studies

Engineer Credits 3M Scotchshield Ultra Safety & Security Film 

Cumming Cockburn Limited Consulting engineers, planners and environmental scientists were used to the early morning wake up calls informing them that once again their offices had been the target of a burglary. Their offices are situated in a business park that booms in the day, but is a prime target for crime after dark. As well, the offices are on the bottom floor of the complex surrounded by windows, which made the firm’s particular offices an easy target for numerous break-ins. Attempts to stop these break-ins failed time after time. The main problem the firm faced was that the criminals could smash the windows of the offices, grab the equipment and flee before the police had a chance to respond to the alarms that were set off by the thieves. When their lease came up for review, the company searched for a way to solve their problems. 


3M™ Scotchshield™ Safety and Security Film/Laminate Thwarts Break-in Attempt

No business wants to suffer a break-in and interrupt their day-to-day operations but for a pharmacy, the implications of a "smash and grab" can have far reaching consequences to the public... since prescription drugs usually end up on the streets. This was the dilemma for the Health Centre Pharmacy of the Oshawa Clinics. This past summer, their front window was smashed and thieves made off with prescription drugs. "We knew we had to move quickly to protect the contents of the building so this wouldn't happen again," explains Keith White, Facility Manager, Oshawa Clinics. An alarm system with security cameras was installed but once again, thieves were able to smash through the front window. Glass shards were sprayed into the product and everywhere, disrupting their business. It became clear that even with the alarm, the intruders would still grab prescription drugs. Therefore, another solution was needed.


Smash-and-Grab Attempt Is a Bust, Retailer Credits 3MTM ScotchshieldTM Ultra Safety & Security Film 

A national retail chain recently experienced a break-in at a store in Stuart, Florida. Burglars smashed through the windows, reached in, and quickly grabbed $35,000 worth of jewelry, before police officers could respond to the store’s security alarm. The company wanted to do something to defend its assets in the event of another burglary attempt. 

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