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What Do We Do For Contractors

In the Greater Toronto Area, our project tendering team provides more than 40 years of quoting, consultation and installation experience.

  • Quality installations provided on time.
  • We guarantee competitive pricing for all tendered projects.
  • All addendas, electronic files and change notices are recorded for each project.
  • Future tendered jobs may be forwarded  to  for immediate consideration.
  • Large digital files can be uploaded directly to our FTP (File Transfer Point) site
  • Our installation team has lifting equipment and full safety and security clearances.
  • We provide all Ontario Building Code (OBC) requirements for interior full height glazing systems.
  • Outside the Toronto area, tendered invitations are forwarded to members of Window Film Canada - our 3M certified National Dealer Network of installers and applicators.
  • Provide, consultation, pricing and installation for new and retrofit construction which require Bird Friendly Glazing in order to comply with Toronto and Markham's Green by-laws.


With over 45 years' experience in the glass film industry, the Convenience Group can help you accomplish your glass coating and window film objectives.

window-film-canada Contact Us

Window Film Canada (Head Office)

10 Butterick Road
Toronto, ON

Toronto: 416-640-0875

Toll Free: 1-888-267-3206

Contact Us

Window Film Canada
(Head Office)

10 Butterick Road
Toronto, Ontario

Toll Free: 1-888-267-3206

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